Cooking is hard for me

I am surrounded by great home cooks – my dad, my mom, Bill, my sister and Bill’s mom.  I have to try really hard to be a cook.  I’ve been with Bill for over ten years now; and although I’ve made huge improvements in the cooking arena he still reminds about that one time I served mostly frozen Sam’s Club purchased Boston Cream Pie for his birthday to his whole family.  And his mom bakes everything from scratch.  What can I say?  I’m just classy like that :).  So – my point – cooking for some comes easily.  I am not one of those people.  But last night I made an AWESOME homemade chicken pot pie from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Well – mostly homemade – I did buy the pie crust for the top but that’s such a minor detail – right?  Not only did I make the chicken pot pie, I switched out some ingredients to try and make it a little healthier and IT STILL WORKED!  Major cooking accomplishment for me.  I also cut out little pie crust pumpkins from the remaining dough which TOTALLY made up for the fact that I bought the dough.  And that was on a Monday.  My work here is done folks – Domino’s for the rest of the week :).  (totally kidding) (maybe) (I’ll throw some Mac N Cheese in there) (And pb&j)

Just before popping it in the oven.

Ready to dig in!


2 thoughts on “Cooking is hard for me

  1. Ummm…YUM! Yours looks delicious! I made a chicken pot pie this weekend and bought the crust too. It was divine, if I say so myself. There’s nothing like homemade chicken pot pie in the fall.

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