I loved college.  My husband has asked on multiple occasions if I would rather just be back in college than in our present reality :).  Of course my answer is NO – I’m having way too much fun on our current journey, but I did love college.  This weekend we got the chance to hitch a ride and head to Iowa City for the weekend.  It was wonderful.  Is there anything better than a Big Ten football game on a perfect fall day?  Bill humored me and drove around by the Tri-Delt house, the last house I lived in before graduating, the Capital building, the student union, etc. etc.  The memories are so strong I feel like I can see them(the memories) as I walk or drive down the street.  Isn’t that just crazy?  Do you all have college memories like that?  Maybe not college – but just those memories that are so vivid?  I love them – share yours by commenting!


2 thoughts on “College

  1. I love that you are posting more often! I of course loved college too…the memories are also strong. I love that carefree time in my life…camping on the beach with my friends, laying under the sun all day, and most of all I miss hearing the ocean!

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