What Will You Teach the New Generation about Creativity?

I’ve never joined in on a post like this – but I thought the topic was too good to pass up!  Tara Gentile, of ScoutieGirl, does a deal called “we scout wednesdays”.  She posts a topic and you have the opportunity to respond and then put your link on her page – ANYWAY – I loved this topic and wanted to chat about it.  I have two children who happen to be the namesakes of our creative business Bridget&Lucy.  I laugh at myself while I try to force them to be creative every chance I get.  If anyone is bored my first response is, “do you want to bake? draw? color? paint?(this is only offered if I’m in a they-can-make-a-mess-and-I-don’t-care mood)”.  A lot of times they go for it and some times they opt for Barbies or Polly Pockets :). The way I plan to teach my children about creativity is by BEING creative myself and asking them to join me.  Which will actually push my creativity too.  Even though I stink at drawing, I do sit down and draw with them when they want to draw.  I’m just trying to boost their self-esteem here because undoubtedly their drawings are ten times better than mine ;)!  My oldest (almost 5) has started to do collages every moment she can.  Drawing first, then taping and gluing anything she thinks might stick (swelling with pride here!)!  The best part about the collages is that she really started doing them completely on her own.  I have no idea if offering lots of creative opportunities actually helps Bridget in her creativity, but I like to think it does :).  I think teaching or modeling creativity is just as important as math, reading, etc.  For me being creative makes me feel alive – and I just don’t get them for math :).  To sum it up – I plan to teach creativity by BEING creative and exposing the youngest generation to any creative opportunities that I can.   Some days that will be painting with them and other days that may mean I ask them to make up a story for ME at bedtime because I’m just too exhausted to read :)!


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