Appropriate Cook Wear

We started with this …

And then added this …

And then I made sure my helpers were dressed totally appropriately for peeling and mixing apples.  I thought, “What would be good for Lucy?  Oh yes – the sparkly princess dress with rhinestones and acrylic fabric that doesn’t do very well in the washing machine”.

After I nailed her outfit down I thought about Bridget… “Ah yes, the authentic kilt from Scotland my parents brought back from their trip this summer.  It’s 100% wool, I can totally just throw it in the washer and dryer when we’re done”.

“Oh! And I can’t forget the hot pink tank top with jewel tone beads to match the red, tan and black plaid kilt”.

I’ve always had a wicked fashion sense – just ask my sister :).  Although I thought the outfits were hysterical the girls didn’t think about their outfits one bit.  They had a blast helping me make apple crisp for a friend’s family who just welcomed a new baby girl.  We made one for their family – and one that stayed home with us 🙂


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