The stuff that matters

Last Friday a childhood friend was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia.  She’s 32, has a 6 month old and a 2-year-old, she is a physical therapist and has a fabulous husband.  She is being treated aggressively already and the leukemia is treatable; but life changing and earth shattering all the same.  This news made me think about what’s important.  For a moment I thought I really can’t write about crafting and cooking right now.  But then I quickly changed my mind.  To me the creativity involved in crafting, planning, cooking and playing with my children is what fuels me!  And I think of my friend’s love of knitting and being creative herself and I know exactly what I need to send her way to power through her upcoming treatments.  Life is precious.  And usually too short.  Take a moment to notice the things that truly matter.  I was surprised at how “everyday” the things that matter to me are.


One thought on “The stuff that matters

  1. God is good and he is faithful to hear our prayers.
    He has seen me through things I thought at the time I could not possibly face.

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