A Quick Stain Fix!

My 3-year-old is a Messy Bessy!  She is messy at all times.  It doesn’t matter if I just dressed her she still figures out a way to get messy immediately.  She got an adorable dress from Nana for school that came from Target.  She loves the flower and the stripes, it’s a piece a cake to put on and super washable.

Then Lucy being Lucy – she stained it with who knows what.

So I pulled out the Steam a Seam 2 (double sticky sided fusible webbing that works awesome for quick applique) and ran some fabric pieces with steam a seam 2 already attached to one side through my Sizzix(die cutter).  Then I placed the fabric flowers with steam 2 seam already on their backside on the dress where the stains were and ironed them on.  Ta-Da!  Rescued dress and happy toddler.  Have a great Wednesday!


One thought on “A Quick Stain Fix!

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