New Free Pattern!

When I get a sewing idea I am borderline obsessive about getting it done right this minute!  This was the case yesterday.  Bridget has an adorable shirt that was just too short to wear anymore (she’s growing like a weed!).

And I wanted her to be able to keep wearing it – so the new dress was born.  As I was racing the clock to put it together (since we all had to take or teach dance classes last night) I thought it would also be a GREAT free pattern.  Since I am now committing my Tuesday and Thursday mornings to just doing bridget&lucy business work I cranked out the free pattern this morning.  And it feels GREAT to have done!  Warning – this pattern has some serious “just wing it” parts in the instructions.  If you are not okay with this do not open the link :).  I think you will love the process though if you give it a try.  Bridget loved it and is wearing it to school today – exactly the result I was looking for but rarely get :).  Dive In!  And share the link with others!  Upcycled Empire Waist Shirt turned Dress


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