Artists in training

One of the first things Bridget asked me when I got home from The Creative Connection was, “Did you bring me something special?”.  I responded, ” OF COURSE I did” while in my head I was desperately trying to think if I really did bring anything home for the girlies.  I must selfishly say that most of what I brought home was for me – how NOT motherly is that?  Well, it’s the truth :).  I did bring a little something home for each of the girls that I bought at Oh Sweet Sadie’s shop at the Handmade Market.  They are small blank white books.

More like a board book than a regular “paper” book.  The were labeled “made by me” books and I’ve tried to look them up online, but I can not find them listed anywhere.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to “get it”.  Lucy didn’t really (3) :), but Bridget (4) totally go into it.  She started drawing all types of goblins for her goblin book.  See – she looks very excited…

She even explained to me that since there are no words in her book that everyone can make up their own stories about the goblins as they read the book.  Before you all start thinking, “wow – she is just bubbling over with creativity” – truth is, she can’t write :).  After working on her book for 20 minutes – a REALLY long time to keep her busy – she announced she was finished.  I had her read me the book and let her know it was the best goblin book I had ever heard.  She promptly told me that we were now going down to the library so she could leave her goblin book there for other kids to check out.  If it were only that easy :).  I will now start to figure out how to put MORE of these small blank books together on my own so Bridget can build her own library at home.  Then we’ll take them all to a publisher 🙂 .  Here’s to big dreams!!!


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