I only really geeked out once :)

So – there were AMAZING women at The Creative Connection! Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman), Amy Butler, Mary Jane Butters, Nancy Soriano, Jo Packham, Kristen Nicholas, etc. etc.!  The list goest on!  I feel like I really only “geeked” out once.  When I introduced myself to Lisa Leonard! I follow her blog, I covet her jewelry and she just seems like such a joyful, relatable person.  And after meeting her, I can say she really is!  The connections that were made were crazy (they really knew what they were talking about when the named it The Creative Connection 😉 ).  I feel like I left the event with tons of women that I can drop an email to when I need advice or encouragement.  I feel like just by saying, “I met you or saw you at The Creative Connection” there will be an instant familiarity there that was not there before.  Since being home I have finished my pot holders from Camille Roskelly’s Retro Kitchen class, beaded an initial necklace with my 3 year old AND did a bouquet of Halloween crepe paper flowers with my 3 and 5 year old.  I haven’t been home for 24 hours yet.  Mainly because the event recharged my creative battery and just reinforced how important it is to be creative everyday – no matter what form of creativity is your favorite!  I must also mention that that I still have laundry to do and groceries to buy – I just can’t do it all 🙂 !  I have my priorities!  And now, proof of my “geeking” out.  The picture …

Do you notice how cool and calm she seems?  And how I seem quite the opposite?


3 thoughts on “I only really geeked out once :)

  1. I am slowly getting through everyone’s posts about the Creative Connection-loved how you talked about ‘geeking out’, I felt like I did that all day! I could only attend Thursday, if they do it again next year I plan to go all 3 days!

    Where are you in South Dakota? I finally discovered Sylvan Lake last summer on vacation, can’t wait to go back.

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