Guiding me home

The Creative Connection was more than I imagined.  I look forward to sharing all of it with you!  I’m not sure how many immediate posts it will consume, but I’m assuming many!  The first class I took was called “Art and Coronation” and the description talked about the glitter crown we would all be making.  It did not disappoint.  Shea and Debbie from The Gilded Life in Dallas, Texas walked us through the most thorough crown making I have ever been through.  Since I’ve really only connected the Burger King crowns and bombed at trying fabric ones once (they almost cut off my daughters’ circulation around their forehead) – I was ready to learn the right way to do them.  And check it out!  I set the crown on my dash on the way home.  Because of that sparkling crown I had a perma-grin the WHOLE  trip home.  The class just reinforced my opinion that glitter makes everything better and the more you have the better.


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