Let’s Discuss …

I’m very aware that this is not a new conversation – but I’m interested in talking about it.  We’ve had many people copy our designs and sell them on their own.  We recently had to send a “Cease and Desist” letter to a local store asking them to stop carrying products made directly from our patterns.  We are so NOT “cease and desist” letter ladies.  It wasn’t any fun, I felt like I was crushing someone else’s creativity and joy, but I also felt very defensive of our original designs.  Ugh.  We have seriously contemplated selling bridget&lucy labels to qualified, excited sewers if they are interested in selling their products they make from our patterns.  We have a whole program in the works that would have benefits for the sewers and a little recognition for bridget&lucy too.  It’s almost in place and we’re excited about the possibilities for all involved, but it seems to open up a whole new vulnerability for our business.  Letting go of a little more control.  Which is WAY hard for me.  If I had the time and expertise I would prefer to be good and competent at every part of the business from designing to marketing to communication to the books, etc. etc.  You see my sickness here? 🙂  But luckily I grew up under my father’s roof.  He is a BIG believer in hiring experts whenever needed because that particular thing is what they do best.  So – I’m working on it.  Do you run into this in your business?  your life?  Maybe you haven’t directly run into this but have really good ideas on the subject!  Let’s Discuss!  How do you deal with the replicating of your creative ideas?


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