Let’s talk about the Mop Top!

So – it’s the time of year, in South Dakota at least, where temperatures start to cool and we enter my FAVORITE time of year – Fall!  It’s not cold enough to whip out the knit hats yet, but a little something on the head is fabulous.  I introduce you – or reintroduce you to the Mop Top!

Don’t laugh at the freaky picture – I used the Photo Booth application on my Mac so I could do this super fast.  Although the Mop Top pattern is made for children I have the measurements for adults on our Tips, Hints and Free Patterns page.  They are SO MUCH FUN to make for yourself, friends, family, etc. etc.  Of course the small girl sizes are to die for as well – but the adult ones are SO easy and So fun to wear and I promise you will get 10 million compliments – maybe not all at once but it will be close.  SO – if you don’t have Mop Top pattern – go get one! And if you already have one and have just made them for little ones – get over to the Hints page and make one for yourself!  Here’s the top of my favorite Mop Top – a vintage quilt square.  Seriously – the possibilities are ENDLESS!


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