Back to Minnesota

We’re going camping this weekend.  Sleeping in a tent.  With a 3 and 4 year old.  For three nights.   I’m hesitant. 🙂  But – I’m sure I’ll come back and blog about how super fab it was with the minor dramas and problems mixed in :).  We’re going to Minnesota and I have to say I really LOVE Minnesota.  We’ve gone to Minneapolis all my life for lots of different reasons, but recently we’ve been checking out other parts of the State.  This weekend we’re going to an area I don’t think I’ve even been close to before.  We ADORE Northern Minnesota and just wish it was a couple hours closer so we could make the trip more often.  I also feel like Minnesota is pretty progressive.  Just across the South Dakota border we are greeted with windmill after windmill after windmill.  It is a very cool sight.  So – of course – I give you pictures :).  After this gushing post I know the State of Minnesota is going to insist on making me an honorary Minnesotan 🙂  Happy Happy to all this holiday weekend – see ya on the other side!


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