We had a baby shower for a friend last night.  She is having her 4th child – I consider her a saint. 🙂  To celebrate the uniqueness of this new baby girl that we’ll be meeting soon we decided on a onesie craft.  Crafts are tricky at baby showers.  Or, I guess crafts are tricky period with a group of adult women.  Some want nothing to do with it, some don’t feel crafty at all, some think it’s impressive enough that they even made it out without spit up on their outfits and crafting is just too damn much work.  Others are thrilled!  We had the whole mix last night and everyone who tried to decorate a onesie did an amazing job.  And those that didn’t want to craft had fabulous women to talk with and super yummy dessert to eat up.  All were happy.  ANYWAYS – all the onesie’s turned out seriously adorable.  We used Steam-A-Seam applique paper for some and stencils with fabric paint for others.  BIG success – HUGE!  Of course I snapped some pics.  It was just icing on the cake that the mom-to-be was one of the nicest, most gracious recipients ever!


4 thoughts on “Onesies

  1. Hi, I wonder if you were wiling to share how you did these as Im a novice at sewing and craft (but loving it) and have 3 girlfriends having their 3rd or fourth babies all at once in the next few weeks and was wanting to throw them a little baby shower with a difference and this I know everyone (well nearly) will love it! Thanks so much. I found you via thelongthread by the way.

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