The Creative Connection Event

My birthday was in June – and the only thing I wanted from Bill and the girls was to attend The Creative Connection event in September in Minneapolis – and it’s almost here!!!  I can see it on my calendar, I can count down the weeks, I can plan when Mom and Bill will each have the girls at different times – it’s that close!!!  I’m giddy.  When I was in college and in an 8 – 5 work environment I LOVED training days or conferences more than anything!  The binders, the organizational speaker, the name tags, the INSPIRATION!  And now I’ll be attending a CREATIVE conference – can it get any better?  I don’t think so!!!  Will I make lifelong friends (possibly over ambitious), will I glean some fabulous piece of business advice that clicks for me (I’m bankin’ on it!), will I have time to work on my knitting (you betcha!)  – AHHHHHH – heaven on earth.  I can’t wait to share all the amazingness on the blog when I get back – true that it’s still a month away – but I’m just that excited!!!


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