Skirt Sale!!!!

Hello all in bridget&lucy land – we have decided to take all finished wear off the website and increase the number of DIY kits and keep adding patterns and Flash cards as they come out.  We are so excited about the route the business is taking we really want to focus energies there.  We will also have the ability to do custom work using any of our current designs, we will just do them on a per order basis.   Mom is in Scotland right now, I hope she’s okay with my impulse decision 🙂 !  Not really, I wouldn’t do that to her, we have discussed this big change!!!  So – when trying to find homes for our beloved skirts the best thing to do is lower prices a little so they found new homes quickly!  So – that’s what I’ve done.  Go on over to and go shopping – your little lady deserves something new and twirly for fall 🙂  And I may be a little biased, but seriously – look at a couple of these cuties …

This paper doll fabric is by far some of my favorite fabric!!!  Cutest thing ever.

And what little girl doesn’t love purple and pink ladies? 🙂

I call this our “preppy stripe”skirt because it would look way too sassy with a little white polo shirt!

Head on over, buy a skirt and save some money!!


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