My First Quilt…In Progress

I never really thought I would make my own quilt.  My mom is an amazing quilter and I’m hoping for one of hers ;).  But I got the bug.  There are so many neat, modern, beautiful patterns out that I wanted to try something.  I have a couple patterns and I even started a quilt from a kit I bought at a local quilt store.  But I hadn’t made much progress.  Then I ordered a Tina Givens scrap bag from Fabritopia and my first quilt was born.  All the scraps were relatively the same size and I just LOVED all the patterns, colors, etc.  So, true to form, I decided to make up my own quilt design from the scrap bag – no kit, no pattern, and of course, no patience :)!  In one afternoon with my sewing machine on the porch and the girls playing in the water table right below I  put together four panels.  I will now somehow cut the edges so all four will fit together nicely, add some edge fabric to even out the shape and then possibly hand it off to a very capable quilter!  I will keep you all updated, who knows how long this project will actually take!


2 thoughts on “My First Quilt…In Progress

  1. Oh goody! It’s going to look great when you’re finished (it looks great already)! I really adore that collection by Tina Givens, it’s so whimsical. Have fun quilting!

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