Hookin’ up with Tula Pink’s mom Kathy!

I’ve been able to talk to Kathy, the owner of the amazing Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO AND the mother of designer Tula Pink recently.  Mom and I were able to meet Kathy briefly at Quilt Market and just happened to have some skirts made up with Tula Pink’s HushABye fabric line.  We also got to meet Angie Walters – the amazing quilter who works with Tula Pink.  They were SO fun to talk to and get excited about Tula Pink designs with.  Anyways, I talked to Kathy last week and sent all of our remaining finished skirts made with Tula’s Hushabye to hang in her store!  Here’s the pic she posted on Twitter…

How fun is that?  I’m going to try and make it down to the big Bus Tour at the Quilt Shoppe and hang out with these fabulous women.  This part has been the absolute most fun for mom and I.  The fabric and sewing industry is FULL of amazing, creative, kind, business-minded, supportive people.    And they are so much fun!!!!  Can we please make it in this industry just to hang out with these cool women :)?!!!


One thought on “Hookin’ up with Tula Pink’s mom Kathy!

  1. oh my gosh!!!! i was just in the shop today. saw your skirts, loved your skirts and bought a pattern! so excited to make a few. (I have 3 girls, ages 10-6- and almost 5- so we should have lots of fun with this!) SO FUN!

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