My best friend from college is a mom?

So – my best friend from college and her family came this weekend all the way from Illinois!  An 8 hour trip with a  2, 4 and 6 year old – AND a husband :).  Like most close friends, distance and time do not seem to matter.  You pick up right where you last left off with your friendship and continue.  Except instead of waitressing, drinking and occasionally studying together – we were raising children together this weekend – WHOA!!!  What a trip.  The craziest part – we parent a lot alike.  And that is so hard to find.  I actually don’t ever expect to find anyone who parents exactly like Bill and I because everyone does it SO different.  But Mark and Cinnamon are pretty much on the same parenting path we’re on – at the moment :).  Enough about parenting – WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!  The girls played, swam, did a little sand-casting with my mom (she had to do some type of craft with all those girls here :)) and genuinely had a fab time together.  I even had Cinni leave some t-shirts of her girls’ with me so I can whip up some t-shirt dresses – always thinking of what to sew next :).  A couple pics of the weekend.

The girls had to all sit at the same table to enjoy some QCB

Cinni with all the girls except Lucy in the tube – yes, she does look like on of the little girls here 🙂

Lucy and Lily – the youngest

Bridget and Ali sandcasting

Lia, Cinni’s oldest, looks exactly like her mother!!!

And unbelievably I did not get one picture of Cinnamon and I together – oh how times change.  I couldn’t even count how many we have of the two of us back in Iowa City.  Most were probably taken by us, holding out the camera to document ourselves in yet another classy joint.  Here’s to good friends!!!!


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