Will the Learning Curve Ever End?!!

Seriously – I feel like it takes me 50 times longer than it should to learn a new website savvy thing.  I put together a free pattern for a cute felt flower barrette or pin (okay, my mom wrote the pattern, but I typed it and put it together 🙂 ) and posted it as a PDF.  First the PDF was WAY too big – it took forever to load.  So – I found a command that said “Make File Smaller” – perfect right?!  Wrong.  It should have said “Make File Smaller While Reducing It’s Readability and Professional Look”.  So I figured out how to make a 2 page PDF and save it in a reasonable size.  And it took too long.  The End.  BUT – you now have a new, readable, adorable, fabulous free pattern to download very quickly on our Tips, Hints and Free Patterns Page.  Did everyone have a fabulous 4th?  This may answer it about ours 🙂


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