A wedding

Bridget and Lucy were flower girls this weekend at my cousin Matt’s wedding in the Black Hills.  They thought they were the fanciest fancy pants you ever did see.  The wedding had a Scottish theme so the men were all wearing kilts – which looked very cool.  But the three flower girls couldn’t stop taunting my uncle Rod (Matt’s dad) by screaming, “You’re wearing a dress” every single time they saw him.  He was nice enough to think it was hilarious every single time.  Not only was the wedding Scottish themed – so was the honeymoon.  Matt and Audrey left for Scotland the morning after the wedding – what an adventure!!!  The idea of that trip has had me itching to plan an adventure of some kind.  I kept thinking about where I could go – who would come – what fabulous things would we do?  Then I slowly reminded myself that I have SEVERAL adventures coming up.  A week long family vacation in a rented cabin at Lake Mantrap.  Attending the Creative Connection event in September and the Mom2Summit in New Orleans this Spring.  What more adventure could I ask for?! 🙂  Well, there could always be more adventures – but that’s a lot to look forward to at the moment.

Are any readers planning adventures???


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