The new skirt photo shoot

Another photo shoot today – that I didn’t take the pictures at – YEAH!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE taking pictures of the girls and I’ve LOVED doing some of the shots for our patterns.  But they just seem to turn out SO well when a professional does them.  We had the girls back with Rod Evans from Evans Photography today.  What a great shoot!  We had the girls in our new skirt style that will be our next skirt pattern.  We haven’t named it yet – hmmmm – maybe a pattern naming contest? – ANYWAYS.  It was really cloudy and has been raining for days.  I guess that makes for outstanding photos!  Bridget, our oldest, was particularly feisty.  Making totally goofy faces and talking in a really goofy voice.  Not cool.  She’s just getting a little older and mom and I figured she’s just so much more aware of what people think of her then she used to be – what a bummer. 🙂  But Lucy, ah Lucy – she was a little slice of heaven today.  And it was not too long ago that that statement would’ve been completely flipped – Bridget being the angel and Lucy being the pill.  So, the adventure continues.  Don’t forget to mark the Trunk Show event at Evans on your calendar.  And a couple shots from the bystander :).

Thank you Rod and Jill for a wonderful day!!!


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