Craft Hope Playdate

So – I had some ladies and kiddos over Friday afternoon to hang.  We were planning on a park picnic but like most of the days last week it was rainy and wet.  So – we opted to meet here.  The night before, right as I was falling asleep I had the best idea ever!!!  The ladies and I would work on Craft Hope’s 8th project benefitting animals effected by the Gulf Coast oil spill.  I’ve barely been able to watch the clips of the animals covered in oil on every news station.  When I found out CraftHope’s latest project involved helping them – I knew I wanted to do it!  Anyways – I welcomed my unsuspecting friends and brought them to the basement with all the kiddos.  Then – “Hey ladies, how about a craft?”  There was excitement and “well I really can’t say no” smiles and nods :).  It was simple and we had a blast.  We cut out really basic shapes from my scrap fabric, adhered it to some fusible web stuff and then ironed it on my small $1 target kids size dish towels that I had no idea what to do with once I washed them because they were so small.  TA-DA – super absorbent terry cloth dish towels with a little handmade love attached.  We had a blast – but now I’m afraid my friends will expect a meaningful craft every time we have a playdate.  🙂


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