Some new goodies

I’ve  acquired some new must haves.  This weekend my mom and I went to the first annual “Junk Fest at the Nest” – which was so fun.  We met an artist who recently moved from North Dakota and I fell in love with her work.  A lot of it has costume jewelry or other found objects placed in and around the painting.  I purchased the cake painting below.  I’m not sure you can really see it – but the cherry on top is dusted with red glitter.  I’

And today I scored at Recycled Elements.  A store that is relatively new to the area and I just love it.  I saw this pie safe right when I walked in.  It’s really in good shape and can hold Barbies, dolls, jewelry and books perfectly – which is what I look for these days :).  I cruised the store and found some other things I kind of liked, but kept going back to the pie safe.  It states on the front that the patent is from 1904 – too fun!  So when I needed to take some pictures of it for the blog I had some models that just some how couldn’t stay away.  Seriously – the forced modeling we make them doing for the clothing patterns is starting to bite us in the butt.  Notice the bottom picture where I tried to ask them nicely to step away – but their “Vanna” hands just couldn’t fully make it out of the picture.  Too funny.


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