Too many options

leads to procrastination for me.  For example – I’m waiting for the Bye Bye Bag patterns to be printed so I could finish all our Quilt Market orders.  I could start compiling a database of all our new customers in Constant Contact, but I just keep reorganizing them in the adorably cute Liberty of London file folders from Target.  I have a mass list of online fabric and pattern retailers that I would like to introduce to our business.  But instead of putting together an introduction letter and starting to send them, I continue to peruse more sites certain that I just need a little bigger list before I actually start mailing something out.  I have two free pattern downloads that I’m working on right now.  I can’t wait to share them with everyone yet I can’t seem to finish one.  We went through all of our children’s books at home and Bridget and Lucy helped me decide which ones could go to kids who need them.  We even boxed them all up and put them in my car – where they have stayed for a couple days now.  And the list could continue, but you get my point.  When I have all these fabulous possibilities – all which could be started TODAY – I can’t seem to focus.  This evening I should’ve completed one of the above mentioned items – instead I went to Target for Pull-Ups and dryer sheets.  I’m banking on the fact that since I have now admitted all of this on this blog, I will be held accountable.  AND I will joy in the opportunity to fill you in on when I do accomplish the above items.  Because the good thing is I always DO seem to finish things I need to.  I just wish I could figure out exactly what pushed me to that “doing” mode each time – if I knew, I would get there much faster. 🙂


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