I’m so thrilled – my camera still works!!!  It had to completely dry it out and I had to replace the Compact Flash card but it works!   And I think I might have shot my best picture ever.  These peonies are from my mom’s yard and I haven’t touched the picture with editing software at all.

Aren’t those light highlights just crazy?  The sad part – I could never replicate this, I’m not exactly sure why the light hits the flowers so perfectly and I don’t know why they almost “glow”.  So  basically – my really great pictures also involve a lot of luck!  And I’m totally okay with that.

bridget&lucy connections keep being made.  We are teaming up with local photographer Rod Evans to host a trunk show with our ready to wear line.  There will involve some kind of cool deal with Rod’s photography and or course bridget&lucy clothing!!!  We are slowly making our way out of the ready to wear line and devote our time mostly to pattern making and publishing – so this will be the time to purchase our clothing if you are not a sewer!  More details to come on that …

I moved the paper lanterns from our Quilt Show booth to our porch – and I think they are just perfect!  Enjoy your evenings!


2 thoughts on “MY CAMERA STILL WORKS!

  1. I love your porch. Yes, I too just shoot and get lucky with pictures. I bought some Peonies last week from Trader Joes and they reminded me of the Peonies that lined my old walkway in Sioux Falls, wonder if those bushes are still there?

    • Yep – the peonies are still at your old house! I drive by all the time because we’re at my parents so much. I’ve told Bill if that house ever goes on the market I must buy it :).

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