Ready to get back to work

Can you believe those words?  Ready to get back to work?  I really am!  We had an UNBELIEVABLE weekend on our new boat.  Bill and I had never put a boat in the water from a public access boat ramp, started a boat, drove a boat by ourselves or put the boat back on the boat trailer at the public access dock.  Well – we did it all this weekend!  And we feel like by the third time we were pretty darn good at it.  Only one sad note – my camera got wet.  Good thing – it can still take pictures.  Bad thing – I’m not sure if the pics on my Flash Card are alive or dead.  I will find out tomorrow at Harold’s.  At this point I’m just going to count on getting the pictures off my Flash Card and my camera working just perfectly.  I honestly can’t bear the thought of other alternatives at this point.  The girls now consider themselves “princess pirates” and feel like they are masters of the boat as well.  And no one got sunburned this weekend!  And that is a true accomplishment for this pale red haired family.  Which leads into our possible boat name “The Red Head”.  Very fun.  Even though I could not download any pics from my camera I will find something appropriate for this post – because, as you know, I have an extremely hard time with posts with no pictures.

Like I said in the title – I’m thrilled to get back to work!!!  I’m having so much fun sending out orders, connecting with shop owners, hearing about customers’ triumphs with the patterns.  It’s entirely too much fun I tell you!  And I’ve set up a flickr group – which will always be on the right side of the page here – so we can all share our work!  YEAH!

Enough positivity  🙂 – have a fabulous back to work today!

“Can you believe she got the camera wet?”


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