Web Master

I feel like a Web master right now.  I’m really hesitant to say that because I’m pretty sure it will jinx my web effectiveness, but it’s out there – I’ve said it.  I just added both Flash Card sets and the new Bye Bye Bag Pattern to our website www.bridgetandlucy.com .  I also added wholesale and distributor discount codes so EVERYONE can order directly off of our site.  The fact that it all seems to be working is like magic to me.  This week has been so amazing.  We are featured on Allegro Fabrics website and blog and I’ve been taking orders from new customers daily.  To say we are elated seems so understated!  Mom and I are on a serious high and are so thankful to be in this fun, hip industry!  We’re off this weekend for our maiden boat voyage.  Our family just bought a boat and seeing that neither Bill nor I know how to drive the boat – it could get interesting.  I’ll have pics and stories I’m sure when we get home.  Hope everyone is a fantabulous weekend!!!!


One thought on “Web Master

  1. Love the new patterns just ordered them. So glad to here your trip to the Quilt Market was a huge success.

    Enjoy it, well deserved!

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