Busy Busy Busy

What a busy day!  We started off at the zoo – fun was had by all.  Then we went to purchase a temporary boat trailer license where were visited the fab greenhouse, Quarry Stone, a couple great antique stores and had an incident at the courthouse that I will go into more detail later.  Then we headed home, planted the herbs in the new antique store purchase, ate ice cream sandwiches and went to bed.  Doesn’t that sound perfect?  Well it looks good on paper but here are the details that make it very real life and not fantasy :).

The zoo was great – not many incidents here.  We went, we saw, we had chicken fingers and we left.  Then the county courthouse – this is where it turns ugly.  Let’s start off by saying we’re potty training Lucy – see where this is headed?  Lucy told me she had to go potty while the not so nice county employee was explaining something to me.  I said, “just a second Lucy” and as I turned around there she was peeing in the middle of the courthouse building slowly being surrounded by a puddle.  No one tried to help, everyone just stared at me.  I went to the bathroom two different times to get enough paper towels to clean everything up while the not so nice county employee just went about her business.  After getting out of there we went to the greenhouse.  No casualties but the resident cat was scared out of her wits while Bridget tried to chase her around the greenhouse.  We got home and planted our herbs in our new antique store find and I must say they look lovely…

I’m sure Bill is thinking, “sure they look lovely now but wait until August went she stops watering them”.  This may happen – but I may also continue to water them – story to be continued.  While I was finishing up with the herbs the girls started playing with the hose which seems to inevitably lead to Lucy stripping all clothing off even though I have repeatedly told her that she is too old to be naked outside.  This seemed to be the least offensive picture that still proved my point …

And the day did end lovely with these …

Meanwhile I’ve been waiting for PayPal to fix my virtual terminal so I can process all our new Quilt Market orders and get patterns sent!  And also trying to find the best customer management software to use for all our new customers :)!  And reorganizing my office space to fit all our newly printed patterns so there are ready to ship off to all our new customers.  And the fabulous chaos continues!


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