Wow – it was truly unbelievable.  The contacts made, the new friends, the knowledge, the insight and the inspiration from actually being a part of the sewing/quilting/fabric community!!!  I’ll start with some set up pics.

Little Ladies getting “dolled” up – get it?  I’m hysterical 🙂

Getting everything hung

Booth is ready and we are exhausted, sweaty, not very cute – but had to take a pic!

We now have two pattern distributors that have put in orders and two more that are looking to add our pattern line.  Again, we have contacts that we can’t even imagine: fabric designers and fabric wholesalers that we have, to this point, only coveted!  I even met Tula Pink‘s mom!  I saw Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Betz White and Camille Rosekelly in person!  I read about these women all the time – and to see them in person was just cool.  Mom and I have so many ideas and possibilities flying around in our minds we tried to make a list. Our first order of business is to tend to the WONDERFUL new stores that will be carrying  Bridget and Lucy patterns.  I will be making a list of them soon so if they are in your town you can go out and support them – and in turn us!  We are where we are supposed to be.  In the industry that inspires and pushes us.  And this weekend just made it official.  It was a game changer.  WOO HOO!!!


5 thoughts on “MARKET

  1. Super Hi!
    OMG! We are so excited about the up and coming “Bridget and Lucy” show here at The Quilt Shoppe and home of Tula Pink! It’s going to be amazing, hanging all those Tula Pink/Bridget and Lucy skirts from the ceiling…Awesome! Pics as soon as possible
    Love you guys,

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