Funny Day

I wish I would’ve had my camera today.  There were really so many funny moments.  I will try and recap some, and even though I didn’t have my camera with, I will have to end the post with some random picture.  I just can’t post without a picture.

Since we are leaving for Market on Thursday, and we’ve never done this before, Mom and I are running around like mad women.  She’s been to Home Depot multiple times to try and find industrial clips that fit 2 1/2″ steel posts and I am on a first name basis with the FedEx Office employee, Kirk, and the Alphagraphics employee, Amy, to try and get all our printing done on time.  This morning Mom and I were trying to embellish as many ruffle joy skirts as we could before my almost 3 and 4 year old lost all sanity – which was about an hour.  We got a quite a few done.  Before we could take the girls on a wagon ride to the park (which was the bribe to get them to entertain themselves for an entire hour) we had to quick whip up some end of the year teacher gifts – because this would be the perfect time – right?!?!?!  During that time, we got a call from our pattern layout designers – 724 Factory – letting us know the final proof of our fourth pattern was ready. And since we really want to bring that pattern to Market – I went down to pick up the final proof, Mom took the girls in the wagon to the park, and I met them at the park with the final proof for mom and I to look at.  Once we both went through the proof, Mom took it back to 724 while I took my children home and fed them.

AND THAT WAS ALL BEFORE NOON!  The afternoon was just as hairy – but I can’t type anymore and must sleep.  I did embellish a dress to wear to market with one of our embellishment Flash Card techniques – I’ll try and post a pic tomorrow.  All in all – a fabulous, funny, amazing day – I’m exhausted!


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