Getting Big

I had to take a break from putting together our new embellishment flash cards  just for a change of pace.  Side note – the flash cards are going to be a GREAT new product!!  All our different embellishing techniques on 4X6 flash cards – too cool.  ANYWAYS – our 4 year old is getting big.  She loves to be helpful, she wants to do EVERYTHING I do and she amazingly can do almost anything we ask of her now.  She is a typical first born.  She’s a great listener most of the time and she will take direction.  Her almost 3 year old sister is another story entirely.  Bridget has been doing a kid’s yoga class downtown and it just amazes me how much she really likes it and wants to do it at home too!  Tonight she laid our her yoga clothes on a yoga mat so she can do her DVD right when she gets up.  And knowing Bridget, she will.  It is constantly amazing to watch their personalities grow and change and morph into who they are.  And it takes constant reminding of myself to LET them explore who they are and not dictate their every move all the time (which is honestly easier, but definitely not as fun, interesting and amazing to watch).  Here’s to starting your day off right tomorrow!


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