The balance

Could every beginning entrepreneur write this post?  Trying to stay focused, balanced, moving forward – but maintain your “real” job.  My “real” job happens to be homemaker, mother, wife, property manager, bill payer… and the list goes on like every other busy person on the planet.  But then you try and add entrepreneur.  And for me it’s not the kind of job where I leave the house go to an office where all I do is focus on this new passion and come home after some awesome productive hours.  I think that’s pretty typical for a new business idea as it’s taking off – it’s kind of on the side lines.  But then there’s the dilemma, “if I only could dedicate more time to this new business – THEN I know it would make it!”  So I feel like there’s two choices (okay, probably a million choices, but I’m going to limit my self to two – it’s all I can handle!) 1 – Get frustrated, get stuck, think about backing down on the idea.  Of course this will NOT be the route I choose 🙂 – but I think it’s important to remind myself that there is a choice.  And 2 – do something everyday – be it 5 minutes or 50 minutes.  Be excited about those minutes dedicated to this new venture.  And in the meantime, I’ll try and give 100% at my “real” job too – which today involved making cupcakes and watching our newly hatched butterflies from the Easter bunny (seriously the best $20 gift ever –  To say I feel blessed is an understatement.


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