New (again) shopping site!

The learning curve – holy smokes THE LEARNING CURVE!!  This small business deal is one new thing then the next.  Well, after investing in a fabulous, beautiful, hi-tech website I realized something – I’m not hi-tech.  What a bummer.  Although our other shopping site was beautiful, I really needed to simplify it so I could update, change and manipulate whatever whenever I wanted.  So I changed it.  I was also able to change the shipping cost options and get the tax working really accurately because one thing I do know is that I’m completely uninterested in battling with the IRS :)!  Changing the site was really a hard hard decision.  I tried – I mean I REALLY tried to master the more complex site.  But the more I tried, the more frustrated I became and the more I put website issues off – making the website a hindrance instead of an asset.  SO – our site is now new, improved and more basic!  I know -that sounds totally backwards, but that’s how it has to be.  Right now we just have patterns and sewing kits up but there will be skirts and hats up soon.  And now – go on over and visit the new site 🙂


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