Good Sunday

Sunday’s can go either way for me – really good or not.  A couple Sunday’s ago I spent 6 hours at church – now I love my church, but I might categorize that Sunday as not as great :).  This Sunday was great.  We made blueberry pancakes for breakfast – yum.  Then dad went golfing and the girls and I jazzed up our bird feeder in the driveway.

Mom owned a paint your own pottery for six years and we stockpiled the mosaic supplies when she decided to close – I LOVE getting them out!  Then when dad got home I went to Target and the grocery store by myself.  If anyone would have told me how fantabulous going to those two stores by myself would make me feel I would’ve laughed – but it is flat out wonderful.  And I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anything on my list at the grocery store – which sadly never happens.  Then we biked over to Bill’s moms for a super dinner and after the girls went to bed I made granola for the week.  Pretty awesome Sunday.  They are not all like that – but I don’t blog about the so-so or bad ones – unless they’re really funny :).  Happy Week to you!


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