New dresses

Easter was so fun this year!  I’m not sure if it’s the girls’ ages or what – but we had a blast.  I did make their dresses this year – super fun.  I used an already existing shirt, a jelly roll with 1″ elastic for the waistband and a width of fabric the length to fit each girl.  Mom found the fabric at IKEA a while ago and it was PERFECT for Easter.  All these little animals driving around in carrots, cupcakes, etc.  It was a cute animal fabric without being cutesty – very hard to do :).    I’m planning on getting the instructions put together to put up on the website as a free download – the girls each already have 2 dresses this style and I’ll be adding tank top ones soon.  I’m sure the pattern download will look fabulous because of my recent class – see two posts below!  We had lunch over at mom and dad’s and her tables looked LOVELY as always.  So a couple of pics of the girls’ dresses and a couple of pics of mom’s tables – Happy Happy!


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