On a roll

Two weeks ago I was worn out on trying new recipes.  About two months ago I stopped eating meat.  My body was “gunky” – that’s the best I can do to describe how I felt.  So – I thought I would try a vegetarian lifestyle for a month and see how I felt.  Well – like most who decide to see how it feels – it felt great.  So I’ve continued.  But – two weeks ago I hit a recipe funk.  I couldn’t try another new recipe.  I couldn’t try to bake tofu one more time to see if I could actually get it firm enough.  I just couldn’t.  But I carried on.  And as of tonight – I’ve got my groove back!  This afternoon, after marinating since this morning, I baked tofu and it turned out they way I thought it was going to!  I sauteed onions, asparagus and mushrooms; tossed that with some udon noodle and sesame oil and topped it all with my marinated, baked tofu – and it tasted good!  But oh no – I wasn’t done.  I made a batch of my mom’s six week raisin bran muffins for the fridge and baked a dozen for tomorrow mornings’ breakfast.  And I made the dressing and sliced the red cabbage for the salad we’re in charge of for Easter tomorrow.  I’m back in the kitchen – watch out veggie world.


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