You can’t take the teacher out of her!

Mom has been teaching classes at Heirloom Creations using our new patterns.  She is a natural teacher.  She can answer your question so you fully understand the answer, she can explain step by step what went wrong and how to fix it, etc. etc.  The woman’s got a gift.  She also taught quilting for Heirloom Creations – over 20 year ago!  Talk about coming full circle!  She taught a Ruffle Joy Skirt class on Friday and the ladies made the cutest things – of course !  Lucy and I bopped in at the beginning and showed off a version of the Ruffle Joy skirt that she happened to be wearing.  I taught a class two weekends ago from our Mop Top pattern.  Teaching was a blast and the hats that people produced were just awesome!  I do not have the teaching experience my mother does.  I’m a very visual learner and tend to make up words for ideas I can not instantly express :).  But all in all – teaching and seeing the products people come up with is SO much fun!  Check out if you are in the Sioux Falls area.  We seem to always have a class on the schedule!


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