Loving what has been previously loved

I have fallen in love, like the rest of the world, with anything vintage, used, loved before me, etc.  We made a vintage Mop Top this season with an old quilt square as the cotton top of the hat.  I am CRAZY about them, I actually made one for myself :).  Of course I thought they would sell like wildfire – and they’ve sold very well – but not with the crazy enthusiasm that I thought.  My mom and I have proven over and over and over – if we love, love, crazy love a product – everyone else will like it.  If we like a product – everyone else will be crazy in love.  It’s seriously a proven theory :).  As we produce more patterns we will always try to showcase a way to use a previously loved piece of fabric, old button, tea towel, t-shirt or whatever we can think of!!!


One thought on “Loving what has been previously loved

  1. Love your stuff ladies! This post made me laugh because I used to work for a design company (house stuff, lamps, blankets, etc.) and I could almost always predict the stuff that would sell well. Except every once and awhile there would be this one thing that I wasn’t crazy about, and it would be the best seller by miles! You just never know! Thomas loves his hat you guys made…my Mom got one for him. You two are truly talented!

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