bridget&lucy … a PATTERN line!

We are transitioning! We’ve decided to really focus on pattern making and wholesaling.  After doing actual clothing we’ve realized lots of things – a couple of them being – 1. Having employees is AWESOME, paying all the federal and state fees to have them is not awesome at all. 2. Having a website to sell clothing on is AWESOME, advertising clothes online is a whole different animal entirely that we have so so much to learn about. 3. Not dealing with retail store hours and space is AWESOME, not having a place where people can consistently come look at and buy our products is tough.

So – after lots of thought and trying to figure out how bridget&lucy the business is supposed to look and feel we decided to focus on the patterns.  Which means we are in the process of making more!  We already have our Ruffle Joy Skirt, Ruffle Playdate Skirt and Mop Top Hat.  We are now working on a “Bye-bye” messenger bags for girls, an apron pattern for girls and women that utilizes a tea towel and an entire pattern on embellishments!  FUN!  Stay tuned…


One thought on “bridget&lucy … a PATTERN line!

  1. I will stay tuned……I love the Mop Top Hat pattern, I have mine made and ready for our granddaughter, so easy and fun to embellish. I will look forward to more patterns. Good for you!

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