Oilcloth – I love you

I’ve been able to anticipate a lot of the messiness that goes with toddlers.  Markers on everything BUT paper, kid scissors cutting paper into pieces so small that you can only vacuum them up, emptying a drawer in less than 10 seconds, etc., etc.   What I didn’t anticipate though is how seriously dirty cloth chair pads would get – WOW!  I would show you a picture, but it’s actually really too embarrassing.  I can’t remember where exactly I saw the idea but the minute I read about it I knew we  must do it!  We are covering our chair pads with oilcloth – genius really.  We’ve finished one with five more to go.  It was honestly so easy – I just laid the cushion upside down on the oilcloth, cut around the cushion leaving about 2 1/2 – 3 inches more on each side and then wrapped the cushion like a present and staple gunned as I went.  I LOVE IT!!


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