Worth Blogging About

So – I decided since Bridget’s Birthday Princess Party (which was 2 Fridays ago :)) only had 4 guests I would go all out on the invites.  I bought little wands at Target and some fancy paper supplies at Hobby Lobby.  All of a sudden I realized the party was about 10 days away and I had to get the invites out ASAP.  So during nap time, the day we were delivering the invites, I cut, glued, pasted and glittered the 4 adorable invites and attached them to wands.  We went to the first drop off house and I showed the princess’s mom the invite.  While handing it to her I had to warn her of the not yet dry glue – a very classy move when delivering invites by the way.  After she glanced at the invite – the party was scheduled from 10:30 – 1 on Veteran’s Day – she informed me that we actually had school that day – damn.  So I borrowed her daughter’s purple marker and changed the day – again, very classy while delivering invites.  So I had to change the other invites in the car on the way to the other guests’ houses while not getting wet glue and glitter all over me – I’m so Martha.


One thought on “Worth Blogging About

  1. wow, you are very Martha!!! In her early years 😉
    These invites are so cute and I really appreciate you did these. Nobody does that here. They just pay people to do it 😉 Happy belated Miss Bridget!

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