So – there are an amazing amount of women in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area (as I’m typing this I’m thinking I need to start adding all their website links) doing handmade, upcyclyed, unique items and one of the cool parts about that is the amount of people to talk to about business.  This weekend bridget&lucy are guest artists at The South Porch.  I have had such a great time talking to Heather and Jocie about business, ideas, marketing, potential, decisions, etc. etc.  If there were only enough hours in the day to implement all our fab ideas!  Being a woman in a creative business is so exciting to me.  I love the interaction and support of other women business owners.  Happy, happy, joy, joy – you can vomit from all the optimism now :).

On a very different not – I went to the funeral of a high school friends’ dad this afternoon.  I was so taken back by the fact that I am entering that stage of life.  There was Doug and Matt, Wally and Natalie – and we were at Kirby’s dad’s funeral.  I’m not ready for this stage.  I couldn’t stop crying.  And you probably need to take into account that I’ve been known to be extremely overemotional – but still – it was really hard.   Spend as much time with your parents as possible!  Man it goes fast!

B leaves


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