I LOVE hot glue!

Since we’ve started bridget&lucy the clothing line, my crafting time is limited!  And I have WAY too many hobbies to have limited craft time :).  So yesterday, I committed to making the “Posh Squash” from the kit I ordered online here.  This was the best craft ever for a limited amount of time!  From start to finish it took me about an hour.  Bridget helped me put the beans in the finished product – so she totally dug it.  And Lucy was sleeping – which was good because I’m positive she would’ve wanted to control the hot glue.  The accomplishment I feel from finishing a project is like my own personal high – SO AWESOME!!  I forgot how much I love hot glue guns and how magical they really are.  Lately I’ve had lofty hobby goals – finish the sweater I’m knitting for myself, work on my first quilt, curtains for the bedroom, etc. etc.  It was so nice to do something simple that I can look at everyday – see, I’m really easy to please :).

posh squash


2 thoughts on “I LOVE hot glue!

  1. These are very cute. I’m going to try and find them on google. Really think these would be great to have out during holidays. I saw some needle pointed acorns on Etsy (just to buy) but these would be great because we could make!

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