Halloween is really for me

So – I wanted a weekend filled with family Halloween activities.  I LOVE Halloween!  With a 2 and 3 year old I thought the perfect activity would be pumpkin carving.  Not the knife part – but the excitement of pulling out the pumpkin “guts”, taking out all the seeds and then eating them later – AND – being able to see the beautiful pumpkins lit up later that night.  My sister came over for the pumpkin carving while Bill was cleaning out the garage.  The girls were all excited, aprons on, ready to go.  Bridget put her hand in the first pumpkin I carved open and all she said was “ew”, “that’s gross, I don’t like it”.  Hmmmmm.  Lucy was into the activity for about 3 minutes – which is an average time for Lucy’s attention span.  Then she tried to get into EVERY craft that was within her reach OTHER than the one her mom and aunt were doing.  We got the pumpkins carved, cleaned up and almost ready for outside.  Katy and I were separating the seeds while the girls watched Dora.  We were reminiscing about when we were younger and used to carve pumpkins at home.  It was always an ordeal, we’d get the pumpkins, the kits that came with the kick a** carving scenes and we were set.  Mom (who actually DID the carving) nixed all the cool halloween scenes for much simpler ones and one year even resorted to painting the pumpkins.  Dad would just complain about not having the right knife for the job – can you all hear Bob everyone that knows him? 🙂 Then it hit me – any Halloween activity that does not involve trick-or-treating is really for me – not my children.  HA!  I’m laughing.

Gettin' her Halloween groove on!

Gettin’ her Halloween groove on!

Serious Seed Sorting

Serious Seed Sorting

spider pumpking

spider pumpkin

The finished products!

The finished products!


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